Open MQ Community Samples

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Please note that these samples are posted for the benefit of the community. These samples are intended to help you understand how you can use Open MQ in various integration and application settings. Use of these samples is at your own risk.

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We get lots of questions about integrating Spring with Open MQ. We've put together a few samples to illustrate how you can tie these two products together. Here is a Maven project that can help you work with these samples if you use NetBeans (You might find you need to add the Maven Plugin)

  1. Spring with XA
    1. Spring and Open MQ using Atomikos
    2. Spring and Open MQ using JTOM
  2. Spring and ConnectionConsumer & ServerSession


STOMP is a streaming text protocol that was created to provide an easy way to integrate with JMS platforms. StompConnect is a bit of Java that wraps any JMS compliant platform. This sample shows how to set up and configure StompConnect to Open MQ

JRuby and JMS with Open MQ

With the ability to call Java libraries from Ruby script, creating a JMS client applications with JRuby is pretty straightforward. Here is an example that demonstrates how to use JMS APIs in a JRuby script with Open MQ: