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FishCAT Contributors
Name Country CAT Points
David Chapman USA 15
Yindong Shu China 5
Hong Tao China 5
Bi Yue China 5
Liang Ding China 5
Manfred Riem USA 40
Miroslav Nachev Bulgaria10
Tang Yong China 5
Madhavi USA 5
Wang Lei China 30
Jose Noheda Spain 20
Kristian Rink Germany 5
Sebastien Dionne Canada 100
Visalakshi Chellappan USA 20
Wolfram Rittmeyer Germany 75
Jonathan Duval USA 10
Preetam Deshpande USA 5
Kenneth Clark South Africa5
Adam Bien Germany 155
Wouter van Reeven Netherlands 20
Claudio Miranda Brazil 5
Alan Vargas Mexico 10
Wim Verreycken Belgium 45
Dick Davies United Kingdom 85
Daniel Chan France 5
Julien Ponge France 10
Saptarshi Purkayastha India5
Shinsuke Takeuchi Japan45
Kanae Kotake Japan 10
Jim Jiang China 20
Wu Jie China 25
Tong Jun China 30
Thomas Queste France 15
Jeff Brewer USA 5

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