GlassFish Project - NetBeans IDE integration

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Revised: July 14, 2008. Prior versions of this document are available.

The development teams for NetBeans and GlassFish have worked together to create a development environment for Java EE developers since day one of the GlassFish Project.

The currently shipping release of NetBeans is NetBeans 6.1. It includes support for servers based on the GlassFish V2 codebase, out of the box. There is a suite of modules from the Beta update center that allow user to experiment with the GlassFish V3 TP2 release, also.

The next release of NetBeans (NetBeans 6.5) will include support for servers based on the GlassFish V2 and GlassFish V3 code bases out of the box.

There are a number of resources available that describe Web and Java EE development in NetBeans. Many of the samples, tutorials and articles use servers, based on the GlassFish Project codebase, as their deployment target.

The following table summarizes the integration features available in NetBeans for Java EE developers using GlassFish servers as their deployment platform.

Features GlassFish V2 GlassFish V3
Start and stop the server (local) DONE DONE
Deployment and redeployment DONE DONE
Remote deployment DONE HELP
Undeployment DONE DONE
Remote Undeployment DONE HELP
Fast directory-based deployment DONE
Java debugging DONE DONE
JSP source level debugging DONE DONE
J2EE Profiling (via Profiler cluster) DONE DONE
View console output (for local server) DONE DONE
View log files DONE DONE
Edit server's conf file (via Favorites tab, then xml editor) - DONE
List deployed applications DONE DONE
List sub elements in deployed applications, and display properties DONE HELP
List/Edit registered server resources (R/W mode) DONE HELP
Admin UI laucher
HTTP monitoring DONE DONE
Generate server-specific CMP and JNDI data (no manual steps needed) DONE N/A
Visual editing of server-specific data DONE HELP
View servlet generated from JSPs DONE DONE
Complete Web Services support DONE HELP
Complete EJB CMP Mapping tool DONE N/A
Zero config support (auto creation/registration of resources) DONE HELP
Out of the box Blueprints solutions working DONE HELP
Single bundle, easy to install with NetBeans
Server JVM options configuration DONE DONE
Selection of target JVM DONE DONE
Server specific DD XML code completion/validation DONE HELP
J2EE Verification (only when AS8.1, 8.2 or GlassFish server is registered) DONE HELP
Server specific Resource creation wizards and registration DONE HELP
Secure Server (HTTPS) admin access and certificate validation DONE ?
JSR 88 graphical configBeans implementation DONE HELP
Complete support for server specific ANT tasks OOB DONE HELP
OOB JSF support (faces xml code completion/validation, lib registration from app server area,...) DONE HELP
Pointbase DB integration (start/stop menu, driver, samples, ...) (Only when AS8.1 is installed and registered, not for GlassFish) DONE HELP
Pointbase driver pre-configure for AS 8.x Server runtime DONE N/A
AVK (application Verification Kit) ready (via extra AVK plugin on Auto Update Center) DONE HELP