GlassFish is an open source, production-ready, Java EE-compatible application server.
GlassFish version 3 provides a small footprint, fully-featured implementation of Java EE 6.

The Java EE 6 platform significantly improves developer productivity, introduces the lightweight Web Profile for Web-centric applications, and includes the latest versions of technologies such as such as JAX-RS 1.1, JavaServer Faces(JSF) 2.0, Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) 3.1, Java Persistence (JPA) 2.0, Context and Dependency Injection (CDI) 1.0 and more. GlassFish is a Java EE open source application server.

New to GlassFish? Learn how to download and install GlassFish, view some screencasts, or try out some samples in the tutorial.

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Learn about Java EE technologies and write simple samples and deploy on GlassFish.
The latest Java EE 6 tutorial is a great place to get started (you can also find the Java EE 5 Tutorial )

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