Interface Summary
Stringifier Convert an object to a String.
StringifierRegistry A registry for mapping classes to Stringifiers
StringifierRegistryIniter Interface for adding a Stringifier.

Class Summary
ArrayStringifier Stringifies an array, using an optional array element Stringifier
InterfacesStringifier Stringifies an object based on specified interfaces.
IteratorStringifier Stringifies an Iterator, using an optional element Stringifier
IteratorStringifierBase Stringifies an Iterator, using an optional element Stringifier.
ObjectStringifier Useful as a default Stringifier even though it does nothing more than call toString().
ProviderStringifier Stringifies a
SmartStringifier Stringifies an Object in the "best" possible way, using the StringifierRegistry.DEFAULT registry and/or internal logic.
StringifierRegistryImpl Holds a lookup table for Stringifiers.
StringifierRegistryIniterImpl Registers all standard Stringifiers.
X509CertificateStringifier Stringifies an X509CertificateStringifier.