Interface Stringifier

All Known Implementing Classes:
ArrayStringifier, AttributeChangeNotificationStringifier, AttributeListStringifier, AttributeStringifier, ClassNameStringifier, CollectionStringifier, CompositeDataStringifier, InterfacesStringifier, IteratorStringifier, IteratorStringifierBase, MBeanAttributeInfoStringifier, MBeanConstructorInfoStringifier, MBeanInfoStringifier, MBeanNotificationInfoStringifier, MBeanOperationInfoStringifier, MBeanParameterInfoStringifier, MBeanServerNotificationStringifier, ModelMBeanAttributeInfoStringifier, ModelMBeanConstructorInfoStringifier, ModelMBeanInfoStringifier, ModelMBeanNotificationInfoStringifier, ModelMBeanOperationInfoStringifier, MonitorNotificationStringifier, NotificationStringifier, ObjectNameStringifier, ObjectStringifier, ProviderStringifier, SmartStringifier, StatisticStringifier, StatsStringifier, TabularDataStringifier, X509CertificateStringifier

public interface Stringifier

Convert an object to a String. The intent of this is to provide a flexible means to control the string representation of an Object. The toString() routine has many issues, including: - appropriateness for end-user viewing (within a CLI for example) - an object may not have implemented a toString() method - the output of toString() may simply be unacceptable (eg class@eebc1933) - it may be desirable to have many variations on the output - modifying toString() requires modifying the orignal class; a Stringifier or many of them can exist independently, making it easy to apply many different types of formatting to the same class. The intended use is generally to have a separate class implement Stringifier, rather than the class to be stringified.

Method Summary
 String stringify(Object object)
          Produce a String representation of an object.

Method Detail


String stringify(Object object)
Produce a String representation of an object. The actual output has no other semantics; each Stringifier may choose to target a particular type of user.

The resulting String should be suitable for display to a user.

object - the Object for which a String should be produced