Interface Summary
LineReader Reads a line, outputting an optional prompt first.
Output The API that should be used to output from a Cmd running within the framework.
StringSource An abstraction for getting a String, given an id string.
Tokenizer Interface for tokenizing a String.
ValuePersister Interface useful for persisting values using String.

Class Summary
ArrayConversion Provides: - methods to convert arrays of primitive types to corresponding arrays of Object types - conversion to/from Set
ArrayUtil Provides: - utility to check for equality
CircularList<T> A circular list implementation
ClassUtil Provides a variety of useful utilities having to do with classes, types of objects, etc.
CollectionUtil Various helper utilities for Collections.
CompareUtil Provides a variety of useful utilities for comparing objects.
DebugState.Impl Convenience class when a simple implement is desired.
EnumerationIterator Implements the Iterator interface over an Enumeration
ExceptionUtil Useful utilities for Exceptions
FileOutput Directs output to a file.
FileUtils The API that should be used to output from a Cmd running within the framework.
Formatter Escapes/unescapes strings
GSetUtil Utilities for working with sets using JDK 1.5 generics.
LineReaderImpl Reads a line from the specified input stream, outputs the prompt to System.out.
LoggerGetterBase A "future" for getting a Logger that might not be needed just now.
MapStringSource An abstraction for getting a String, given an id string.
MethodComparator Caution: this Comparator may be inconsistent with equals() because it ignores the description.
ObjectUtil Provides a variety of useful utilities for computing hashCode().
OutputIgnore Directs output to the "bit bucket".
PackageStringSources A StringSource for a package which first looks for a class in the the package named "PackageStringSource", and then, if not found, attempts to locate a ResourceBundle with the name "Strings".
PrintMillis Useful for printing elapsed timings out.
PropertiesStringSource An abstraction for getting a String, given an id string.
RegexUtil Useful utilities for regex handling
RunnableBase<T> INTERNAL USE ONLY -- DO NOT USE Base class (can be used directly) for running small, short lived tasks.
SafeSave Utilities for performing a safe save involving a temp file
SetUtil Deprecated. use GSetUtil
StringEscaper Escapes/unescapes strings
StringifiedList Maintain a list of Strings, ensuring that a String constructor may be used to repopulate the list and that toString() generates a String appropriate for such use.
StringSourceBase Default base class for StringSource implementationsn.
StringStringSource A StringSource which obtains its strings from a String mimicking a Properties file key1=value1 key2=value2 ....
StringUtil Escapes/unescapes strings
StringValuePersister Implementation of ValuePersister for String.
ThrowableMapper Maps a Throwable to another one in order to avoid the transfer of non-standard (proprietary) Exception types, which could result in ClassNotFoundException on remote clients.
TimingDelta Central registry of timing values.
Timings Central registry of timing values.
TokenizerParams Parameters that TokenizerImpl accepts.
TypeCast This utility class contains two types of methods: Methods to cast Collection/List/Set/Map/etc to a more strongly-typed generic type; Methods to verify the types of elements within the above.

Enum Summary
RunnableBase.HowToRun RUN_IN_CURRENT_THREAD: execute the task synchronously (in calling thread), return when done
RUN_IN_SEPARATE_THREAD: execute the task asynchronously (separate thread), return immediately

Exception Summary