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GlassFish Community: The Foundation for Opportunity

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When: Sunday, September 22nd, 9:15 AM - 11:15 AM

If you are a GlassFish user or even just a friend, this is the most important JavaOne event that you should seriously consider attending, and for good reasons:

  • Learn the insider's view of the Java EE 7/GlassFish 4 release, community, success, metrics and roadmap for the future from non other than GlassFish product manager John Clingan himself (stay tuned for more details on the roadmap - in case you cannot make it to the session, we will update the GlassFish roadmap page after the event).
  • Get a chance to listen to and interact directly with the Oracle Executives responsible for Java EE and GlassFish during the GlassFish Executive Panel (see details below on how to pose your questions even if you absolutely can't make it to the event).
  • Hear success stories from real world Java EE/GlassFish users and get to ask them your questions.
  • Meet key members of the Oracle GlassFish team and community including Advocates, Architects, Java EE spec leads, and Product Managers.
  • Grab some free GlassFish swag like a GlassFish t-shirt or cool laptop sticker.
  • Attending the event is one of the strongest ways you can show your support for GlassFish and Java EE under Oracle, get your voice heard and help shape the future.
Note that this is a JavaOne Sunday User Group session, so you will need a JavaOne pass to get in.

Like all JavaOne events, there is a limited amount of registrants allowed for the session, so if you think this is something that is worth your while, you would be wise to pre-register via the JavaOne Schedule Builder as soon as possible.


09:15 Introduction, by Reza Rahman
09:20 The GlassFish Roadmap, by John Clingan
09:40 GlassFish Executive Panel, moderated by Reza
10:15 Customer Stories, moderated by Reza
20:00 GlassFish'n Friends Party, not moderated at all

Reza Rahman will shepherd the event this year.

Reza is a former independent consultant and now Java EE/GlassFish Evangelist at Oracle. He is the author EJB 3 in Action. He is a frequent speaker worldwide and an active contributor to sites like JavaLobby and TSS. He has been a member of the Java EE, EJB and JMS expert groups. He implemented the EJB container for the Resin open source Java EE server.

John Clingan will be presenting the GlassFish roadmap.

John Clingan is a Principal Product Manager on the GlassFish Server and Java EE product team at Oracle. John has more than 20 years of experience in building customer solutions based on C, Java, and Solaris.

GlassFish Oracle Executive Panel

The panel will be moderated by Reza and consist of four key Oracle technology leaders directly responsible for GlassFish and Java EE. This is a unique opportunity for you to openly interact with these decision makers, listen to what they have to say, ask all of your questions and voice your opinion.

The panel will start with a pre-selected set of questions submitted by the community. The floor will then be opened up for Q & A from the audience. Panel members will also be encouraged to engage each other and the audience. The executive panel will be video recorded and the video will be posted on The Aquarium after the event, so stay tuned!.

To submit your questions to the executive panel, send an email as soon as possible to

A representative set of questions will be posed to the panel.

Here are some ideas for the types of questions to pose to the panel:

  • How do you think GlassFish 4 will be received by the community?
  • What is the best part of the GlassFish 4 release? What could have been/will be done better?
  • What can the community expect from GlassFish in the near future?
  • What do you think the community expects from Java EE 8 and beyond?
  • In a few words, what would you say to the GlassFish community in terms of a message/call to action?

John Clingan

Principal Product Manager, Oracle
John Clingan is a Principal Product Manager on the GlassFish Server and Java EE product team at Oracle. John has more than 20 years of experience in building customer solutions based on C, Java, and Solaris. He also has 4 years of experience teaching Extended University Java courses to intellectually hungry Java students.
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Mike Lehmann

VP Product Management, Oracle
Mike Lehmann is VP of Product Management for Application Server infrastructure, also known as Cloud Application Foundation, at Oracle. He is responsible for the product management teams developing Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle Coherence, Oracle GlassFish Server, the Java infrastructure of Oracle Internet Application Server. He has over 15 years of industry experience leading product development, product marketing and product management teams.
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Anil Gaur

VP, Software Development, Oracle
Anil Gaur is the VP of Software Development at Oracle and has been one of the founding members of the GlassFish community. Anil provides engineering leadership for several products and his portfolio includes the Java EE Platform, Oracle GlassFish Server, Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle Cloud Java Service, and several other research and development projects that provide a platform for innovation in the enterprise class middleware services.
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Cameron Purdy

VP Development, Oracle
Cameron Purdy is Vice President of Development at Oracle, responsible for the Java EE platform, web server and application server products. Prior to joining Oracle, Mr. Purdy was the CEO of Tangosol, whose revolutionary Coherence Data Grid product provides reliable and scalable data management across the enterprise. Mr. Purdy has been working with Java and Java-related technology since 1996, regularly participates in industry standards development and is a specification lead for the Java Community Process.
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GlassFish Customer Stories

Like previous years, we have invited four real world Java EE/GlassFish users to share their stories with the community. Come join us to listen to their knowledge, experiences, thoughts and feedback as well as asking them any questions you might have. As always, we will video record and post their stories on the GlassFish Stories blog and feature them on The Aquarium after the event.

These are the folks we will be hearing from this year:

Makito Hashiyama is a skilled web application engineer at Rakuten Inc. Makito has been working with GlassFish for about 2 years. He leads one of the core systems at Rakuten. Makito has developed checkout, browsing history and recommendation services with GlassFish, Hadoop, KVS (memcached, Coherence, kumofs, ROMA) and Tomcat.
David Heffelfinger is the Chief Technology Officer of Ensode Technology LLC, a software consulting firm based in the greater Washington DC area. He has authored several Java books, including 4 titles covering Java EE and GlassFish. He has a Masters degree in Software Engineering from Southern Methodist University.
Jaromir Hamala is a Senior Consultant at C2B2 Consulting Ltd. A Java middleware consultancy focusing on non-functional requirements of systems. Jaromir wrote his first line of code when he was 7 years old. Since then, he was always interested in "How this system works under the hood?". Jaromir is an expert on JVM, Spring Framework and Liferay. He has spoken at Devoxx 2012, Liferay Conference Prague 2012, Software Summer Camp 2011 and JBoss User Group London.
Kerry Wilson is a Software Engineer at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. He served in a consultant role to design a lightweight systems integration solution for the next generation Founadtions Recovery Network using GlassFish, Java EE 6, JPA, @Scheduled EJBs, CDI, JAX-RS and JSF. Kerry is the founder of Gooder Code. Kerry is an agile developer fluent in many developent tools, including Java, Javascript and HTML. He believes in writing concise, cohesive, reusable code that needs little documentation. He resides in Nashville, TN where he helps organize the Nashville Java User Group.

Don't Miss the Community Event or the After Party!

Make sure you sign up now via the JavaOne Content Catalog/Schedule Builder to attend the Community Event. After the event, you could also join us for the after party at the coveted Thirsty Bear (you can attend the party even if you are not signed up for JavaOne).

GlassFish and Friends Party

When: Sunday, September 22nd, 8 PM

Stay around at JavaOne after the event and wait until about 8 PM and join us at the party:

  • It's quite possibly the best place to network with some of the brightest minds in the GlassFish, Java EE or Java ecosystems in a very laid back setting. In the past folks like James Gosling, Kirk Pepperdine, Bert Ertman, Heather VanCura, Cay Horstmann, Ed Burns, Ben Evans, Frank Greco, Martijn Verburg and Bill Shannon have attended the party. This year, folks like Paul Sandoz, Arun Gupta, Ludovic Champenois, David Heffelfinger, Markus Eisele, David Delabassee, Bruno Borges and Mike Lehmann have already signed up. You can certainly count on most key members of the GlassFish team including architects, specification leads and product managers to be there.
  • Meet people using and advocating GlassFish and Java EE in the real world and ask them about their experiences one-on-one.
  • Help shape Java EE and GlassFish by talking in person to some of the most key influencers and decision makers.
  • Grab free GlassFish swag.
  • And most importantly, have lots of fun!
To attend the party, you will need to sign up as soon as possible via EventBrite.