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Welcome to the Web Services Management Registry features page for GlassFish / Sun Java Application Server (AS 9.0). This page is dedicated to discussing the SOA Registry Specific features. The source code for this feature is part of this cvs repository.

Web Services Management News (updated Feb 8th 2006)

This feature has been tested against public UDDI Registries (primarily IBM's test registry) and Sun Microsystem's EBXML registry bundled in JWSDP 1.6. Recently (Jan 2006),  public UDDI registries have been shutdown and are no longer available to developers :-(. As a developer you can either use a private copy of a UDDI registry or use Sun's EBXML registry bundled in JWSDP 1.6.

To work with JWSDP 1.6 registry, you will need to download JWSDP 1.6 from here.  The resource adapter (henceforth addressed as RAR in this document) is pre-bundled in JWSDP 1.6. It needs to be updated to work with GlassFish. The manual  steps are required only for the beta release. GlassFish will bundle the RAR for EBXML in the FCS release.

We do not support jUDDI due to incompatibilities that jUDDI has with Sun's UDDI RAR. GlassFish comes pre-bundled with a UDDI rar.

Page Contents

Steps required to make AS9.0 publish to JWSDP1.6 Registry

There are 3 steps required to make AS 9.0 publish to JWSDP 1.6 Registry. Please make appropriate changes for windows.
  1. Install Registry
    1. Download JWSDP 1.6. Download the appropriate container for JWSDP 1.6. JWSDP 1.6 works on Application Server 8.2, J2EE 1.4 SDK and Tomcat 5.0 for JWSDP. JWSDP 1.6 does not work on AS 9.0.
    2. Start the registry: JWSDP 1.6 comes with the registry pre-configured. Start the container which has JWSDP installed (tomcat or AS 8.2). This starts the registry by default. Since AS 9.0 starts on port 8080 by default. Change the default port of the container on which JWSDP is installed from 8080 to something else (say 7080). You can do this in server.xml in tomcat and through the admin gui for AS 8.2. Note : if you are using AS 8.2, you may have to change all ports to prevent conflict between AS 8.2 and AS9.0.
  2. Configure RAR to work with AS9.0
    1. Download the ra.xml from here. Copy the ra.xml to /tmp directory
    2. Re-package the rar. Steps listed below. Optionally run this script on *nix under /tmp directory, set JWSDP_HOME to point to jwsdp directory and JAVA_HOME and this bat file for windows. The script automates the repackaging steps.
      1. cd $JWSDP_HOME/registry/lib
      2. mkdir tmp
      3. cp soar-jaxr-ra.jar ./tmp
      4. cd tmp
      5. jar xvf soar-jaxr-ra.jar
      6. rm soar-jaxr-ra.jar ra.xml ./META-INF/SUN* ./META-INF/
      7. cp ra.xml META_INF
      8. cp $JWSDP_HOME/registry/lib/oasis-* .
      9. cp $JWSDP_HOME/registry/lib/omar-common.jar .
      10. cp $JWSDP_HOME/registry/lib/jaxr-ebxml.jar
      11. cp $JWSDP_HOME/jwsdp-shared/lib/commons-logging.jar
      12. At this point the tmp directory should show the following: META_INF com commons-logging.jar jaxr-ebxml.jar oasis-regrep.jar omar-common.jar oasis-saml1.1.jar oasis-saml2.0.jar
      13. jar cvf soar.rar META_INF com jaxr-ebxml.jar oasis-regrep.jar omar-common.jar oasis-saml1.1.jar oasis-saml2.0.jar
  3. Deploy RAR and use it. Refer to the WS Management Article for detailed instructions (to appear on in Feb 2006).

Overview and Usage

WS Management Registry feature lets a developer publish a Web Service Artifact (essentially a WSDL) to either an Ebxml or an UDDI Registry. GlassFish follows accepted SOA principles which consider the development, deployment of a web service as an independent process from the administration, governance of the web service.

Web service developers develop, deploy and test the web service. When the web service becomes ready for production deployment, administrators push the web service artifact out to a registry. Administrators qualify the artifact with classifications and tags as they publish the web service onto the registry. Web service consumers can query the registry to identify web services and invoke methods on the web service. Consumers can use Java Web Service Developer pack or any other web service framework to consume the web service.

The GlassFish WS Management Registry feature aids service producers, more specifically administrators to make their web service discoverable. The web service consumer is considered out of scope as there are existing api's/framework addressing their needs(eg; Java Api for XML Registry i.e jaxr). The feature also considers version and life cycle management of the web service artifact currently out of scope.

CLI Commands

Please refer to CLI command reference page for the list of commands available for Web Services Management. The common CLI command usage is illustrated here.

Unit/Acceptance Tests

Running the Quicklook tests is required in this section. In addition to the Quicklook tests the Web Services Management module has unit tests developed which need to pass prior to checking in any code. The setup for running unit tests is the same as the Quicklook tests. To run just the web services management unit tests do the following: