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This is the home page for the Container-Managed Persistence Enterprise JavaBeans (CMP) implementation in GlassFish.

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Container-Managed Persistence

Several different software components including source and binary, support the GlassFish project. The source components are released under the Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL) v1.0 whereas the binary components are covered under the binary license. You must agree to these licenses as part of installation before viewing and/or using the code. 

The source code is located in the cmp module.

Container-Managed Persistence (CMP) Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) is a technology that allows developers to define a set of entity beans for an application, and to define relationships among them, without knowing anything about actual database access (SQL calls). It is the EJB container that handles all database access required by the entity bean.  Because the bean's code is not tied to a specific persistent storage mechanism (database), if a user needs to redeploy the set of entity beans to a different Java EE server or use a different database, there won't be a need to modify or recompile the bean's code. CMP bean classes are written to Enterprise JavaBeansTM 2.1 Specification. You can browse EJB 2.1 API Javadocs below for more information.

Unit/Acceptance Tests

Running the Quicklook tests is required for any changes to the cmp module. In addition to the Quicklook tests, the cmp module has unit tests which need to pass prior to checking in any code.

Supporting Documentation

This section contains pointers to useful documents and information about the Persistence technology in GlassFish.


General Information:

A lot of good general information on developing CMPs can be found in Chapter 27: Container-Managed Persistence Examples of the J2EE 1.4 Tutorial.

ToDo List

The ToDo list will be maintained using the Issue Tracker Task issue type. You can query Issue Tracker using the issue type Task in the cmp subcomponent or click here to check out the ToDo list.

You can also search for bugs, RFEs, and tasks reported in Issue Tracker, or you can find the complete list here. Pre-existing bugs and RFEs for the cmp subcomponent can be searched for on or found here.