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This is the home page for Java DB, the database bundled with GlassFish.

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Java DB is available for download as part of the Open Source Java EE 5 Application Server and standalone!

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Java DB

The majority of the GlassFish code is available under the Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL) v1.0  The following page contains details about the components in GlassFish and the licenses under which they are covered.

Java DB is Sun's supported distribution of the open source Apache Derby 100% Java technology database.

The source code for Java DB/Apache Derby is available at

Downloads of Java DB are available in the following bundles:

Java DB Versions in Glassfish

The versions of Java DB in Glassfish are:

Supporting Documentation

This section contains pointers to useful documents and information about Java DB.


General Information:

The Java DB home page provides the latest information on Java DB.

The Apache Derby home page provides the latest information on the Apache Derby project.

The Java DB/Apache Derby manuals can be found here.

A quick start guide is available here.

Another tutorial is also available here.

A tutorial is available for using Java DB with netbeans.


Bugs and RFEs for Java DB may be entered and tracked using the Apache Software Foundation JIRA system. Guidelines for submitting Java DB/Apache Derby bugs can be found here.