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Welcome to the J2EE Connectors home page. This page is dedicated to discussing the implementation of the J2EE Connectors container in GlassFish.

Connectors News

Some of the new features in GlassFish, related to Connectors, are :

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The majority of the GlassFish code is available under the Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL) v1.0  The following page contains details about the components in GlassFish and the licenses under which they are covered.

J2EE Connector Architecture

The Connectors implementation for both the Connectors 1.0 and Connectors 1.5 specification is available off the appserv-core module. The backend implementation is interspersed within the following packages of the appserv-core module.

com.sun.enterprise.connectors - Houses all the major connector implementation classes
com.sun.enterprise.resource - Resource deployers and the pool implementation related classes
com.sun.enterprise.server - Resource loaders and ResourcesUtil

The JDBC RA is available under a separate module "jdbcra". The Generic RA for JMS is integrated as a binary component, and this integration is done from the binaries available off the Generic RA for JMS community page.

In GlassFish, Connectors are the preferred integration mechanism for all application server provided services like JMS/JDBC/JAXR access etc. The primary design philosophy is to provide a unified connector based architecture for all AS provided services. From a user's point of view, resources would continue to be shown as JDBC or JMS resources, but behind-the-scenes all these resources are connector resources. This plumbing of application server provided services like JDBC/JMS to connectors is achieved via System resource adapters. These system resource adapters are pre-installed/pre-configured and lazily loaded on first resource access. As explained in the Connection Pooling page, there is a single connection pool infrastructure for JDBC/JMS/EIS resources, thanks to this connector-centric architecture.

Non transactional access to connector resources is supported in application clients. This is achieved by binding the pool, MCF and resource adapter configuration in JNDI and looking up this configuration in the client VM to create pools. Non-ACC clients [as in standalone java clients] also work.

Here is a brief description of the major classes in the Connectors  implementation.

Core connector implementation classes
Message Inflow Work Management

Unit/Acceptance Tests

Running the Quicklook tests is required in this section. In addition to the Quicklook tests other components have unit tests developed which need to pass prior to checking in any code. The setup for running unit tests is the same as the Quicklook tests.

Running J2EE Connector Architecture unit tests:
To run the connector developer tests do the following

Please read the readme file for more instructions on configuring/running the tests

  Supporting Documentation

This section contains pointers to useful documents and information about the Integration technologies in GlassFish.


JSR 112 - J2EE Connector Architecture 1.5 Specification

General information:

The J2EE Connector Architecture page at

Creating Resource Adapters with J2EE Connector Architecture 1.5 by Binod PG/Alejandro Murillo

Getting Started with Connectors in SJSAS 8.0 by Sivakumar Thyagarajan

GlassFish documentation sections on Connectors

ToDo List

ToDo list will be maintained using Issue Tracker Task issue type. You can query Issue Tracker using issue type Task or click here to check out the ToDo list. "jms" and "jca" are subcomponent types.