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Welcome to the Configuration Management page. This page is dedicated to discussing the Configuration Management features in GlassFish. The source code for these features is part of this cvs repository.

Configuration News

New Config Validator uses now the same infrastructure and metadata for both Dynamic (runtime) and Static (“verify config” command) validation. Schematron is not using for static validation any more. See below for more information on the design and implementation of these features.

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Domain configuration in AS 9.x is essential part of GlassFish and it provides for configuration, administration, and management. Most configuration information resides in the domain.xml file(located in {installation-dir}/domains/{domain-name}/config/ directory). AS Admin provides the following configuration support for backend and remote clients :

Configuration metadata

There are quite a lot of different metadata files for Configuration Management. Many of them are auto-generated, some created and some are created and handled manually.

Config-api sub module contains a directory with schema files for each config element. These schemas use Relax NG syntax with some proprietary extensions (extensions are defined in separate name space).

Three different kinds of files are generated directly from these schemas:

The process of file generation is not part of every build, so snap-shot of these generated files is checked into glassfish repository as well.

Another manually handled metadata file is the Admin MBeans Descriptors file, which contains info about all potential Admin Configuration MBeans, their interfaces, naming, and bindings with Configuration Beans. This file along with the correspondent Config Beans and Custom MBeans implementations provide all necessary information for MBeans instantiation and forming of their MBeanInfo.


Unit/Acceptance Tests

Running the Quicklook tests is required in this section.

Supporting Documentation

This section will be updated soon with useful documents and information about the Configuration Services Management - Tutorials, Blogs and other useful links.

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