GlassFish Project - V2 UR2 Final Build

(also known as V2 UR2 b04 Promoted Build)

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Please refer to the GlassFish V2 Update Release Wiki Page for details on improvements that are going into this release. Note: multilingual support available for French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean.


The majority of the GlassFish code is available under a dual license consisting of the Common Development and Distribution License ( CDDL) v1.0 and the GNU General Public License (GPL) v2.  The following page contains details about the components in GlassFish and the licenses under which they are covered.

Binary builds

Windows Platform

Solaris SPARC Platform

Solaris x86 Platform

Linux Platform

MacOS Platform

AIX Platform

Instructions to Unbundle and Configure GlassFish

To install and configure GlassFish you need to have JDK 5 or JDK 6 installed on your system. The configuration processing depends on Ant (1.6.5).  The bundle includes an Ant distribution that has been extended with tasks to facilitate developing Java EE 5 applications for the application server.

  1. Download one of the bundles to disk.

  2. Set JAVA_HOME to the JDK you have installed on your system.

  3. Unpack the JAR file that you downloaded.
    % java -Xmx256m -jar filename.jar
    This command extracts the contents of the GlassFish JAR file and creates a new directory structure rooted under a directory named glassfish.

  4. Navigate to the glassfish directory.
     % cd glassfish
  5. Change permissions for the contents of the glassfish directory.
    % chmod -R +x lib/ant/bin
  6. Run the Ant binaries that are included with the GlassFish bundle.

    • For a single instance:

      • UNIX[tm] systems:    %lib/ant/bin/ant -f setup.xml
      • Windows systems:      % lib\ant\bin\ant -f setup.xml

    • For a cluster:

      • UNIX systems:       % lib/ant/bin/ant -f setup-cluster.xml
      • Windows systems:    % lib\ant\bin\ant -f setup-cluster.xml

To get started with GlassFish, see the Quick Start Guide.

See Configuring the Cluster/Load Balancer with GlassFish V2 for how to do the load balancing after creating clusters on GlassFish V2.

Source bundle

Source code for GlassFish is available in the bundle below. Some technologies are developed in other projects and only a binary version is available in the GlassFish project source tree. To find more information on where to find sources see this page.

b04 source bundle

Build Information

Bugs fixed in this build.