Bugs fixed in build b58

6542111 CoyoteRequest.getUnwrappedCoyoteRequest() creates too many unnecessary SecurityPermission objects
6543741 [IT:1782]IMQ Dumping Out Too Many Warnings
6562037 [IT:3057]JMS NPE
6565345 [IT:2379]Admin Gui does not distinguish screens for configuring in-memory, hadb type replication
6569984 [IT:3192]SUNWappserver 9.1 beta HTTP 405 Error on webservices (b41d beta2)
6577539 [IT:3293]i18n -- Cannot deploy war file
6579008 [IT:3316]Odd Warnings with stop-cluster
6579353 build54/JES5U1 b7: java.lang.IllegalStateException, Unexpected error forwarding to login page
6580203 [IT:3329]problems with JMS connection
6582467 [IT:3371]Virtual host to support RFC 3490 : I18N Domain Name support (IDN)
6583595 --echo option missing in synopsis for backup-domain
6583597 configure-webservice-management command needs some doc fixes
6583615 meta options missing	display-error-distribution
6583624 list-instances   command manpage issues
6583818 manpage review: issue with change-admin-password
6583822 manpage: issue with create-auth-realm
6583824 manpage: issue with create-custom-resource
6583826 manpage review: issue with create-mbean
6583830 manpage: issue with create-jmsdest
6583831 manpage: issue with create-jndi-resource
6583834 manpage: issue with create-management-rule
6583837 manpage: general issue with --passwordfile option
6584357 AS9.1EE :false restart required message from admin_gui
6584380 [IT:3395]NullPointerException after createNativeQuery
6585467 manpage: issue with create-message-security-provider
6585485 jars should be removed from server.policy file
6585497 manpage: issue with create-transformation-rule
6585511 [IT:3421]TopLink tries to initialize the same persistence unit twice!!!
6585587 manpage: issue with delete-transformation-rule
6585588 manpage: issue with freeze-transaction-service
6585589 manpage: issue with generate-jvm-report
6585598 manpage: issue with generate-diagnostic-report
6585938 upgrade tool wizard is pre-filled with values other than what is used during 8.2 installation
6585962 Monitor->Refresh button throws HTTP 404-status for clustered instance
6585981 manpage: issue with list-connector-connection-pools
6586037 manpage: issue with list-connector-security-maps
6586044 manpage: issue with list-file-groups
6586048 manpage: issue with list-jdbc-resources
6586056 manpage: issue with list-lifecycle-modules
6586059 manpage: issue with list-mbeans
6586080 manpage: issue with list-message-security-providers
6586570 Help is not appearing
6586591 ctx root is generated randomly when deploying a war file without spcifying ctx root
6586619 Log Statistics returns previous 5 hours regardless what retain-error-statistics-for-hours is set
6586658 If LB does not add port no. to Host Header, ServletRequest.getServerPort() must return default port
6587051 WSM:Monitoring Throughput data should be rounded up
6587623 JAVAEE_SDK b58-rc: java.lang.NullPointerException while starting Appserver
6588189 Add cluster support help issue
6588194 SDK 5.0_03: Update Center installation option's description needs to be updated
6588411 applibs are separated by  "," and not FileSeparator as docs indicate

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