Bugs fixed in build b49

2148989 Failed to initialize load balancing subsystem- not in log when incorrect listener in lb xml
2149467 Message Listener Interface(MLI) not being picked up for non-jms MDB's when MLI bundled in .rar
6415250 [Performance] Avoid copying bytes from ByteBuffer
6430994 Appserver won't start with remote JMS connection
6435851 Admin username value not appropriately changed if configuration panel gets revisited
6525974 [IT:2433][RN] java2db ejb 3.0 tests failed to deploy in pe-cluster-profile
6532503 Client connection requests do not get blocked until embedded MQ starts up completely
6536659 the instance is left in a uncontrollable state when there is a port conflict in orb
6543205 [IT:2293]Compatibility: http-protocol element default-response-type and forced-response-type not wor
6543388 [IT:2643]Using ApplicationManaged EMF and ContainerManaged EMF on same PU results in Exception
6545419 CTS Blocking: Seeing strange CORBA excepitons running cts webservices tests (getting cts failures)
6546045 glassfish/RI ORB not handling bad host/port numbers correctly
6548327 round robin not working with sample roundrobin.c attached for use with user-defined LB feature
6550470 [IT:2903]Package protection is enabled by default in GlassFish
6551531 Need Better Error msg when lb/webserver process does not have permission to read loadbalancer.xml
6551919 [IT:2944]Issue deploying multiple PUs using the same shared essentials library in an SE deployment
6552601 Load Balancer crash upon invalid value of listeners in loadbalancer.xml
6552804 quickstart sample instruction needs usage and expected result
6553276 LB binaries should be build against webserver instead of appserver 7.1
6555374 both high and low threshold should be required for management rule of type monitor gauge
6559695 JBI: admin-gui cannot monitor JBI components in developer-profile
6560201 JBI installation wizard partial success use cases should navigate to List View with alert
6561609 user-defined-lb: https requests failing
6562474 [IT:3066]"file" persistence for HTTP sessions hard to enable
6563193 [IT:3081]-Dtoplink.weaving system property is ignored
6563268 non-existing or incorrectly formatted lb xml causes lb crash on sending a request to the webserver

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