Bugs fixed in build b37

6236904 output of asadmin list-domains is not i18ned
6310081 Unnecessary files are added to appclient Client jar file that gets craeted by deployment process.
6310499 Regression: WSS - message encrypt: call from embedded client to a protected ws is not working.
6316036 AS logging must be capable of setting log levels on any parent logging domain
6322062 Need support for displaying properties in custom mbean
6325263 FileUtil.java has hardcoded filename: /home/dannyc/workspace/...
6325285 jaxrpc 1.x sqe tests SunReg DC servlet fails with unexpected block data
6325381 NullPointerException in com.sun.enterprise.server.logging.LogLevelChangeEventListenerImpl
6325700 Can't use asant when the installation path contains spaces
6327325 Possible NPE in SerialInitContextFactory.java
6327780 Need to limit the number of log files that are created, to avoid running over disk space.
6330027 exception in log when try to detect if a server is secured or not
6341548 list server.* not working if webservice monitoring configuration level=HIGH
6344132 AdminEventListenerException when click at Configure Monitor
6347955 Generated application client jar contains many unnecessary files like WEB-INF
6353068 WSM: Incorrect WSDL displayed from HelloWorld.wsdl link after undeploy rpc/encoded web service
6355863 Need to support sun-resources.xml in sub modules of an application
6360375 optimize web service management callback
6361754 appclient jar merges content of ejb jar, war and client jar
6365097 SOAP Address was not generated for a Web module WS2.0 app after deploy & redeploy
6366380 NPE during ping-connection-pool for Connector Connection Pool
6366876 com.sun.appserv.jdbc.DataSource must be moved from appserv-rt.jar to appserv-ext.jar
6368486 Cannot open log entry detail page when search log file other than default
6369441 MANPAGE: delete-jdbc-resource example needs change
6370779 Packaging bug in clientjar returned from com.sun.enterprise.deployapi.SunTarget.exportClientStubs()
6371410 clear data button should be disabled when call flow is enabled
6372040 MANPAGE create-connector-security-map correction
6372044 MANPAGE delete-connector-security-map correction
6372188 MANPAGE create-management-rule correction
6372194 MANPAGE delete-management-rule correction
6372204 MANPAGE change-admin-password correction
6372654 MANPAGE asadmin help correction
6372685 MANPAGE stop-domain correction
6373248 username and password for stub property not being handled by runtime properly
6374418 Excessive NPE exceptions in rich client
6374621 RichAccess, too many open files on imqbroker
6375350 Access log file name contains two dots
6375892 MANPAGE get-client-stubs correction
6375914 MANPAGE create-password-alias correction
6375919 MANPAGE delete-password-alias correction
6375920 MANPAGE list-password-aliases correction
6375926 MANPAGE update-password-alias correction
6376310 The  use via deployment descriptors does not work.
6377704 ear from deploytool java2db does not deploy on as 9.0 properly
6377933 deployment os a j2w webservice is not generating the same wsdl's has the standalone wsgen tool
6379276 JAXRPC services with JavaEE descriptors do not deploy properly
6379354 Can't customize TLS security configuration
6379425 NileBookStore, Client timing out when stressing the appserver system
6379873 ReadOnlyBeanContainer logging takes too much time
6379953 update web svc schema
6380354 JSP Container incorrectly escaping '#' in certain cases
6380425 Post-PFD changes related to Extended EntityManager propation for Stateful Session Beans
6380521 rpc literal servlet vehicle TCK test that uses handlers fails to deploy
6381049 escape issue in 
6381618 Unable to turn off the HTTP file cache subsystem.
6381946 Test form does not work with @Oneway web service methods
6382475 the CTS test jws/webservice/webservice4/ hangs the appserver during deployment of the client vehicle
6382685 WelcomeFile assertion should flag WARNING instead of FAILURE when welcome-file does not exist
6382848 MimeTypes updation in verifier
6383014 [regression] Grizzly logger isn't set correctly.
6383149 Add support for new javax.servlet.ServletContext.getContextPath() API for Servlet 2.5 MR 2
6384195 Make JSP version of implicit taglibs configurable
6384311 Look into the possibility of not releasing the classloader after deployment
6385593 Undeployment NPE in grizzly.FileCache

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