Bugs fixed in build b32

2114281 Can't pass command line options to javac during deployment of apps
2132153 Deployed applications cannot be accessed after upgrade
2132172 Disk I/O for XA txn logs too high
2132234 DAS/Instance diff: EJBModuleMonitor().getName() returns different names for the same ejb module
2132527 Code invoking getResourceAsStream can lock jar files on Windows
2132666 Need Menuitems to Start and stop database in Start|Sun Microsystems|Application Server PE on Windows
2132669 HTTP Sessions are active even after undeploying the web app
6197404 Missing javadocs in admin-core/mbeanapi/src/java/com/sun/appserv/management/monitor/statistics
6276688 ProductName for 9.0 shows Sun Java System Application Server Plaform Edition "8 2005 Q1" ~ 9 2005 Q1
6276834 Doesn't display warning message while installing in a directory with AppServer already installed
6290404 destType should be treated as optional for message-driven beans
6317780 MQ unl (unlimited) license should not be available for AS 9.0 PE
6318409 [BLCOKING]not able to obtain callflow data for applications which contain ejb module
6318843 SVR-ERROR: java.lang.NullPointerException in RMIIIOP test area
6324395 Some EJB assertions are not mapped to the corresponding specification
6325913 create-service command must validate the opearand against the --type parameter
6325988 SeeBeyond: interop problem on first incoming RMI-IIOP request with FVD/codeBase
6328514 display-log-records command doesn't show records for multiple modules at a time
6328515 display-log-records command doesn't show records more than 40
6330642 ERROR: java.lang.ClassCastException: $Proxy3
6332667 Regression: Monitoring on ORB and thread pool doesn't function
6333634 deployment fails to discover module types for archive inside directory in ear file having no DD.
6333873 [SeeBeyond]Configuration connection pool settings through sun-ra.xml
6334504 [BLOCKING]:Windows:Failed to compile ../samples/webservices/jaxrpc/apps/managementws application
6337424 Regression: on-demand devtests fail with Invalid ORB initialization.
6337924 Missing files in Samples - Windows only (Java files under ManagementWS sample)-see also 6325267
6338038 The deployment of entity beans when using composite PK is failing with IntegrityException
6339110 Unable to view WSDL file if ebXML server and AppServer installed on a separated machine
6342762 WSM:configure-webservice-management command has no invalidating function
6342989 createMBean() ignores enabled attribute
6343524 AS9.0 b24. Many verifier tests should be modified to support EJB 3.0
6344167 BLOCKING:list-components support for webservice
6344404 WSM:Inconsistent --webservice option name in webservice management command line
6347709 Exception occurs when publish a webservice to UDDI Registry Server
6349295 Cannot run .ear application when installation is in directory with space on Window
6349557 BLOCKING:Webservice Management does not recognize Authentication Failures message
6350555 Default JAXR RAR should have a property to specify it is a UDDI RAR
6351563 WS:Failed to compile EJB webservice basicSSL_w sample
6351571 WS:Failed to deploy EJB webservices clientCert_w sample
6351607 WS:Failed to asant deploy webservice security EJB xms_apl_lvl app
6351687 WS:Failed to compile web Webservice security clientCert_w sample
6352422 Window:PE:Unable to run websevices web security xms_apl_lvl application
6354270 Core ejb 3.0 PFD clarifications/updates
6354274 PrimaryKey Classes not found if using Embeddable PK or IdClass Annotation
6358904 In admin gui while creating the rule for monitor event, name Observed Object is not correct
6359192 Deployment should fail for applications containing annotations but using an older descriptor
6360447 ResourcesXMLParser need to implement entity resolver to resolve dtd location
6361690 Grizzly expects monitoring on to log Callflow events.
6362064 SelfManagement: getAllActionMBeans() always returns an empty list for PE
6362219 Regression: Cannot create security audit module
6362293 invalidated session causes pageContext methods to fail
6362864 Modify the message which was displayed upon stopping DAS instance.
6363158 server-classpath is not to be exposed in 9.0
6363168 jdbc-connection-pool and jdbc-resource updated with pointbase values in target
6363392 need to integrate latest JavaMail and JAF
6363494 from GUI try to enter non existing file path for transformation. add transformation rule succedes
6363540 Wrong tree node selected after clicking on common task link
6363547 WSM:Duplicate button appears at the Transformation Rules page
6363638  element updated with pointbase jdbc driver values
6363745 security config file is not updated with the right value in target domain.xml
6363937 WSM:Regression:Exception thrown when click view tree button in Call Flow Details page
6364185 WSM: Publish Now button should be disabled after clicking on it
6364211 custom mbean creation should pass in String for 'enabled' attribute
6364214 Web Services monitoring miss the newly created statistic: last response time
6364418 Need to remove accessive logging about "PU Root"
6364479 WS security check incorrectly fails when AS installation path includes a space
6364615 SEVERE info in annotation processing should be passed to ErrorHandler
6364653 Add registry endpoint api does not create a registry endpoint for System adapters
6364691 There is no way to have page title help text for the Applications/Resources/Configuration page
6364721 ImplicitObjectELResolver: header and headerValues must use HttpServletRequest.getHeader(s)()
6364724 version attribute of  must support "2.1"
6364933 Remove unnecessary debug messages from verifier console output
6365033 Call Flow Config:  Cannot disable call flow once it is turned on.
6365051 Accessive System.err.println in PELauncher
6365145 Monitor messages does not display with Web App JAX-WS2.0
6365183 License file update for AS 9 PE beta
6365261 Regression:Unable to publish a webservice endpoint to a remote ebXML server
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