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Promoted builds are weekly builds of GlassFish which have passed a minimum level of testing which includes the quicklook tests, a sub-set of CTS tests (representative collection of 263 J2EE 1.4 tests) and a sub-set of SQE tests (22 in number). A build is not promoted unless it passes all quicklook, CTS smoke and SQE smoke tests. 

Note: This list offers files for different platforms. Please be sure to select the proper file for your platform. Carefully review the files listed below to select the one you want, then click the link to download.  Some browsers may require you to right-click/CTRL-click to save these files to your computer.

Instructions to unbundle and configure GlassFish

GlasssFish installation requires JDK 5.

  1. Download one of the bundles
  2. Run:
    java -Xmx256m -jar filename.jar
  3. cd glassfish
  4. Run:
    ant -f setup.xml

Ant is included in the GlassFish bundle that was downloaded.

To get started with GlassFish, see the quick start guide.

Binary builds

Solaris SPARC Platform

Solaris x86 Platform

Windows Platform

Linux Platform

MacOS Platform

Source bundle

Source code for GlassFish is available in the bundle below. Some technologies are developed in other projects and only a binary version is available in the GlassFish project source tree. To find more information on where to find sources see this page.

b41 source bundle

Build Information


• The Java Persistence API can be used from application clients.
• The Java Persistence Implementation is tracking a number of spec changes (e.g. [1], [2]).
• Users can use their own certificate to sign a generated appclient jar.
• Shale and MyFaces, with or without JSF bundled, can be deployed in GF. Bug 6384313.
• Fixes for backwards compatibility bug in JSP tags Bug 6395913.
• Changes to the location of apache commons-logging and derby packages.
Administration Improvements.

Bugs fixed in this release.  There are currently 2 places where GlassFish bugs are stored.  Below are pointers for bug fixes in each place.