Batch Processing for the Java Platform (JSR 352)

This page describes recommended areas for providing feedback for Batch Processing for the Java Platform ( JSR 352) as part of the Adopt-a-JSR effort for Java EE 7.

Learn Batch 1.0 concepts in this video:

Recommended Areas for Providing Feedback
  1. What is the difference between "job" and "batch application" ? From what sources(s) should "job" originate in batch environment ?
  2. What role should external schedulers (e.g. Ctrl+M) play in batch environment ?
  3. What level of importance does "jobs console" hold in a batch environment ?
  4. What operational concerns are relevant for a batch environment ?
  5. What security controls are appropriate for job control in a batch environment ?

Post your feedback to and follow the guidelines for visibility.

References for Getting Started